Saturday, 1 December 2012

Hey Fatty, Lay of those chips!

So I've been gaining quite a bit of weight and I need to lose it and fast. I feel really disgusted with myself and don't feel healthy at all. I've been munching on a lot of junk food and I need to stop. I need to stop taking my wallet to work with me, because when I have money with me I buy food.... unhealthy food. So my goal for the next few months is to lose this awful weight that has taken over my body. I have been thinking for a while to lose some weight but I was never motivated to actually do it until I actually looked at myself in the mirror and saw a fat person staring back at me. I felt awful So I said to myself to stop being lazy and work out. It will be hard but i will keep reminding myself of the fatty in the mirror. If I ever have a junk food craving I will yell at myself and call myself a fat pig or a cow. The only way I will be motivated is if I insult myself. My first step is to avoid junk food. Second step is to exercise and the third is to drink lots of water. I've already started and bought myself a 2 liter water bottle which I will make it my goal to finish in a day. Water is really good for you, not only will it help you in loosing body fat but it will clear your skin and give it a healthy glow. Exercising is well, self-explanatory. The reason that I bought a 2 liter bottle is so i don't have to worry about keeping track of the amount of cups of water I drink. It's so much easier and I don't have to drag myself to the sink to get my second, wait third, or was it my ninth glass of water. See what I mean, it’s just so much simpler having a gigantic water bottle.

I want to look good not just because society likes thin girls. I want to do it for me, so I would feel better about myself. I want to feel accomplished, that I finally did something and stuck to it. I don't want to suck in my stomach to fit into a dress or watch my belly jiggle every time I poke it. I want to look at myself and think “damn I've got a hot body” and I want others to think the same.

 I am blogging about it so that I can keep a record of the day I started this expedition and so that I can see if I belly flopped this task or passed it with fabulous abs. I am hoping this will motivate me to lose some weight so that I don't humiliate myself with a worthless post. 

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