Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Yorkdale Mall Shopping Spree

Shopping is my biggest weakness. I need to go shopping every chance I get or I will lose it. My mind I mean. Last week I went to Yorkdale Mall and went a tad bit crazy with my wallet. I went to the mall with little knowledge of what I was going to buy, needless to say I love everything I bought.

The first thing I did was bought these beautiful earrings by Kate Spade. They are exquisite and sophisticated. They sparkle charmingly in the light, and make me feel expensive. While I was at the counter paying for my purchase, I laid my eyes on this cute bright pink coin purse, which I absolutely had to have.

I then strutted off to Juicy Couture where I bought a charm bracelet and a 2013 graduation charm. For two years I had debated on whether I should buy this bracelet but I told myself it was about time to get. The bracelet is sitting perfectly on my wrist while I type this.

This next purchase is my biggest one of the day; my very first Burberry purchase. I was really excited to go into Burberry, I felt like a little girl in a candy shop. My purchase was this classic wool silk scarf. Aah my very first high end scarf.  Oh the bliss. I feel powerful when wearing the scarf, like I own the world.

Feeling powerful I charged off to Holt Renfrew where I got this comfy Wildfox jumper in pink and Jo Malone vanilla anise perfume and orange blossom candle. I haven’t used my perfume and candle as of yet because I still have my J’adore by Dior perfume left to finish. 

Monday, 3 June 2013

Bobbette & Belle Adventure

Playing tourist in your own city is a lot of fun. You get to explore new places you never knew existed. Today I went on a little adventure to eslieville, to try some infamous macaron and cupcakes from Bobbette and Belle.  It is a small shop in a quiet neighbourhood near Pape Station. From outside the wedding cake  shop looks like a Parisian cafĂ©, with cute black chairs and tables  sitting outside waiting  for customers to people watch whilst munching on a cupcake and sipping coffee. The inside of the bakery is adorable, it looks like a living room decorated by a professional. The seating is arranged in a way for customers to ooh and aah at the beautifully decorated wedding cakes.

The macaron and cupcakes were delicious. It made me want to eat more, but I don’t think my scale would appreciate it. I am so glad I took the time to go to a place that was out of my way. I explored an old neighbourhood and got to eat some delicious treats.